Event Policies

Coupon Code Discounts and Policy
Any Allterra Group, Valuation Expo or CRN offer is only good for the type of pass in which they were intended and cannot be used in conjunction with any other deal or promotion.

Event Dress Code Policy
The event dress code for the conference is business casual. This includes suit and tie or khaki pants and golf shirt. Conference session rooms are kept cool at 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Please plan accordingly.

Badge Policy
Badges must be worn at all times. $20.00 fee for replacement badges. You may not share a badge with anyone else. Badges given to non-registered attendees for the purpose of entrance could result in both people being asked to leave.

On-Site Registration Fee Policy
A $100.00 fee will be assessed to those who have not pre-registered online and/or those who have not paid prior to attending. In an effort to serve you better we desire that you register and process payment through our website. It allows us to process those that have pre-registered much faster. No one likes to wait in line! No cash and no checks.

Code of Conduct
We endeavor to provide a congenial, hospitable and welcoming environment where collateral risk professionals, both nationally and internationally, can meet to exchange ideas and information. In order for us to maintain this unique environment, we expect our attendees, visitors and guests will comply with this set of guidelines.

Attendees, visitors and guests are required to comply with this code of conduct designed to provide an appropriate atmosphere for discussion, to ensure the effective operation of meetings and the security and safety of attendees and the resources which it supports.

  • Failure to comply may result in the temporary or permanent revocation of event pass.
  • In this code of conduct, the term "attendee" also includes speakers, visitors and guests unless otherwise specified.

General Conduct

  • Behavior that disrupts and interferes with the orderly function of the meeting/event or disturbs, harasses, or distresses other users or staff will not be tolerated. Aggressive, threatening, abusive, discriminatory or harassing language or conduct of any kind is not permitted.
  • Attendees are to be courteous to presenters and others during meetings, networking events and social gathers.
  • Attendees shall refrain from engaging on behalf of the Allterra Group without specific permission from the Allterra Group.
  • Attendees are responsible for the security of their private property during meetings/events. Allterra Group is not liable for any items left unattended, lost or stolen.
  • As we engage in discussions, and in line with federal and state laws, we do not discuss or promote actions that relate to pricing of services to customer agreements to reduce or increase prices or promote prohibited boycotts. If anyone feels that a discussion raises concerns about unified action related to pricing or other prohibited practices, you should immediately request that the meeting or discussion be suspended until you can seek guidance and legal advice.
  • Please be respectful of our sponsors. You may not host events without being a sponsor and permission from Allterra Group. It is not appropriate to ask to bring non-registered employees or guests to hosted events.
  • Allterra Group spends considerable financial resources to host meetings. It is not appropriate for those not registered for a meeting/event to attend after meeting social gathers and schedule meetings with the meeting/event attendees to garner the benefits of exposure without purchasing a pass to attend the meeting/event. We ask that our attendees respect these rules and do not accept meeting invitations from those who behave in such a manner.


  • The resources provided by Allterra Group are for the express use of attendees only and are not intended for public distribution. Forwarding of any communication without permission will result in immediate expulsion.
  • Power Points provided to attendees are intended as a benefit of attendance. Duplication, distribution or plagiarizing of this intellectual property is not permitted.

Sponsorship Benefits

  • Attendee lists are provided to sponsors as a benefit to promote their ability to connect with attendees in a meaningful way before, during and after the meeting. Sponsors, nor any other person, in possession of an attendee list are not permitted to share this list with anyone other than the Sponsor company representatives. 

Breach of the code

  • Failure to comply with the code may be grounds for revocation of meeting passes.


  • Appeals against decisions made regarding breaches of this code should be made in writing to the founder of Allterra Group, Joan Trice (jtrice@allterragroup.com).